4 Duck Dynasty Video Games That Will Take Your Love Of Duck Dynasty To The Next Level…


Become a part of the Dynasty

Duck Dynasty games
source: Programming Insider

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to live inside Duck Dynasty? Well, with these Duck Dynasty video games, you can get pretty darn close.

Check it out — here are four Duck Dynasty games that will show you how a Duck Commander lives…

Duck Dynasty for PC

As the above video shows, you can live the life of a Robertson in Duck Dynasty for PC. You even get lessons on how to perform the perfect duck call (on the computer anyways).

Duck Commander Plug ‘N’ Play Hunting Video Game

Remember Duck Hunt from back in the day? Well, this is a newer, more relevant version for today’s gamers. It comes with a gun and everything!

Battle Of The Beards

Duck Dynasty games

Alright, mobile gamers, this one is for you. This games “tests your reflexes and drops you ‘boots-first’ into the Louisiana backwoods” to compete in redneck activities, says the game’s description. Sounds like fun, I’d say.

Family Empire

Duck Dynasty games

Picture Farmville, but Duck Dynasty style. In this game, you build stuff on your property, go on quests, and unlock different characters from the show. Careful — you could get addicted.