Nobody Can Forget These Duck Dynasty “Pranks”


If there’s one thing that makes this show great, it’s the Duck Dynasty pranks. It’s watching this big happy family pull a fast one on each other. Working with family certainly means needing a sense of humor.

Duck Dynasty Pranks

We’re often sad thinking about the fact that Duck Dynasty is no longer on the air. We looked forward each week to seeing our favorite Robertson family members interact. However, we’re just so thankful some of the greatest Duck Dynasty pranks are forever cemented in internet history. They all occurred in season 8, episode 5, Brotherly Pranks.

In this classic Duck Dynasty episode Jase, Willie, and Jep unleash their crazy and begin a ginormous prank war. Are all bets are off as the brothers try to outdo each other.

  1. The Classic Screw-The-Hinges-Off-The-Door

It’s unclear who started the prank war, but regardless, Jase is determined to win.  Nothing makes Jase happier than seeing Willie stumble, so he decides to screw the hinges off the door. Of course, this all happens during working hours, and Jase lures Willie in by yelling in a frantic tone. As expected Willie runs in pushing the doors only to find them fall instantly before him.  “I have to admit it scared the crap out of me,” Willie said.

Our favorite part of this prank? Willie falling of course. There’s nothing funnier than seeing a multi-million dollar CEO eat dirt. 

  1. The TPed Truck

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a Duck Dynasty prank without the women getting involved. Korie and Missy decide to give their men a taste of their own medicine. They gather their many kids to help TP the men’s trucks and spray silly string all over. Willie had to admit it was a good one when he said, “I wasn’t really sure that crap would come out of my beard!” We love that the whole family got involved on this one.

  1. The Whoopee Cushion

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Phil isn’t usually at the helm of a prank war, but in this episode, is grandchildren decide to include him. Perhaps they were inspired by their own fathers’ shenanigans. We just love this scene because anything involving Phil and a good laugh is gold. 

We love how this family laughs and plays together. What’s your favorite Duck Dynasty prank?