10 HILARIOUS Duck Dynasty Videos To Watch Over And Over Again


There’s really no better way to brighten your day then to watch hilarious Duck Dynasty clips. The show included 11 seasons worth of giggles and belly laughs. Here are our favorite moments from the Robertson family’s reality show.

Korie Says Willie Bought Her a Snuggie and Dolphin Earrings

In this clip from the Duck Dynasty Christmas special, Willie wrestles with finding the perfect gift for Korie. In this hilarious moment, Korie shares that Willie gifted her a bedazzled clutch, dolphin earrings, and a snuggie for previous Christmases. The funniest moment happens when Willie tries to justify his present. He informs Korie that dolphins mate for life, so he thought the gesture was romantic. Leave it to John Luke to be the bearer of bad news. “That’s not true. That’s penguins. Dolphins like trap their mate.” Now that is funny.

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