Jase’s New Idea For Duck Dynasty Almost Sets Them Up For Lawsuits!


It’s the final chapter of Duck Dynasty. Fans are eager to see every minute left of the series. Here’s a recap of Duck Dynasty Season 11 Episode 4.

Jase Builds A ZipLine

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Jase got a brilliant idea while fishing. Of course, in true Duck Dynasty fashion, he was fishing while on the clock for Duck Commander. While he and the other Duckmen were playing hooky, Jase realized there was a type of decoy missing from the market. The idea for the “Zip Line Of Dead,” was born. Jase wanted to hitch a duck decoy to a zipline and simulate flight into the water. The other Duck Commander employees wholeheartedly supported him. Si Robertson even offered, “Let er rip potato chip!” You know that means it’s a good idea.

Car Shopping

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Meanwhile, Willie Robertson was busy trying to find his adolescent son a car. Duck Dynasty fans watched Sadie and John Luke Robertson grow into teenagers and then young adults. Now it’s Will Robertson’s turn to take the spotlight. Willie’s first attempt to appease his teenager was a complete flop. He suggested an old police car. Willie tried to sell the old car by saying, “You’re essentially deputized by even driving it.” Will, however, wasn’t having it. Strike one for Willie.



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