The reality show, Duck Dynasty swept the nation throughout the last four years. The craziest part of the Robertson family success is the merchandise they can sell. Here we take a look at Duck Dynasty Merchandise- the craziest, coolest, and downright most redneck products you can buy!

The Miss Priss Duck Call

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This duck call is a little different than the original Duck Commander best seller. It’s a stunning shade of pink, and is perfect for any duck hunting loving gal! The women of Duck Dynasty have grown into their brand as the show has risen to fame.  It’s no wonder they have capitalized on their dynamic “Girl Power” and created this sassy duck call.


Set of 3: Duck Commander Tea Cups

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Duck Dynasty fans love Uncle Si. They also know it’s a rare occurrence to see everyone’s favorite Uncle without his signature tea cup. The story goes that Si’s mama sent him a blue plastic cup for his sweet tea when he was in Vietnam. He loved it so much; he hasn’t put it down since.  You too can add this classic Duck Dynasty merchandise to your home in honor of Uncle Si!

Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Board Game photo by

This board game is based on the Duck Dynasty series, and has over 500 trivia and fill in the blank questions. You can test your knowledge of the Robertson family, as well as try to trick your opponents into making false quotes by the hilarious brothers and wives. This game fun for the whole family. However, you’ll probably need to be a truly dedicated fan to get every question right!


The Duck Dynasty Camo Beanie

Duck Dynasty Camo Beaniephoto by

Getting into the weirdest of the Duck Dynasty merchandise, this beanie, and faux beard ensemble is sure to be an ice-breaker at your next party! Whether you use it as a Halloween costume, or simply as an extra layer in the winter, this bearded beanie is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Also, the beard attaches with Velcro.  This feature is helpful to those who don’t always want to be the center of attention, but still appreciate a good laugh!


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Duck Dynasty Three Inch Plush Talking Doll

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What could a baby want more than a talking man with a furry beard… right? These dolls may cross the creepy line, but perhaps your toddler will find Phil’s, “Happy Happy Happy!” or Jase’s, “In my world, we add camouflage to everything,” to be comforting!  


Chia Uncle Si Duck Dynasty Planter

Finally, the weirdest Duck Dynasty merchandise yet; a Chia planter that grows Uncle Si’s beard! There’s no truer sign that you’ve made it quite like having your own Chia planter! Congrats Uncle Si! We can’t wait to watch your beard grow on our counter tops!



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