This Duck Dynasty full episode review of the 11th season is shaping up to be a dynamite example of familiar family fun. The third episode, “Razing the Snakes,” involved two separate and very different story lines.

A Squirrel Funeral

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The episode started with Miss Kay holding a funeral for a squirrel. Jase and Missy Robertson, along with their three kids Reed, Cole, and Mia attended the funeral and stood by Miss Kay’s side during her difficult time. Miss Kay spoke of how “Earl the Squirrel” loved to eat, swish his bushy tail, and frolic in her yard. Miss Kay’s love for animals has always been endearing, especially juxtaposed with her husband’s love for hunting. 

The Posse

Miss Kay explains the beloved pet squirrel was killed by a water moccasin in her and Phil’s snake-infested yard. She told her son Jase to take care of the problem. Jase, the dramatic son, decided to create a “Posse” to kill the snakes as vengeance. Cole Robertson, Jase’s middle son, chose to partake. Jase also recruited Si and a reluctant Jep Robertson. Jep had been playing with a remote control toy truck when the men found him. They peer pressured Jeb into joining the conquest by mercilessly mocking his hobby.

Meanwhile…In the Business World

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Willie was helping his eldest daughter Rebecca with her boutique in West Monroe called Duck and Dressing. The Duck Commander woman explained she thought the business move would allow people to buy something else for a change. Her logic was adorable, but according to dad, not quite business savvy. Willie decided to help her by paying a visit to the shop.

The Men Use Dynamite-No Surprise

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It’s no surprise that the Duck Dynasty men eventually resorted to dynamite when it came to the snake-revenge mission. It was young Cole Robertson’s idea to strap dynamite to Jep’s toy truck and drive it into an abandoned boat on Miss Kay’s property that had a dozen snakes under it. The men couldn’t help showing their excitement watching the snakes burn to a crisp.

Duck and Dressing

Meanwhile, at Duck and Dressing, Willie realized he didn’t know much about women’s fashion and after his failed attempt at selling to a female customer, Sadie suggested her father could help Rebecca’s business in a different way. Sadie wanted her father and uncles to let Rebecca give them a makeover to use the photos for a social media campaign. Willie reluctantly agreed and recruited the men to partake.

The Photoshoot15043743_107429609747048_3733567525124833280_n

The men were too happy with their snake vengeance to object to the photo shoot. They came out dressed in skinny jeans, button up tops, hipster hats, and edgy sunglasses. It was certainly a wild site. The Duck Commander women couldn’t hide their enthusiasm.

This episode proved once again that the Robertsons are a silly group. However, they’re also a devoted family willing to risk their reputation to help each other succeed.  Oh…and they really like dynamite.


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