The Duck Dynasty cast and Robertson family are thick as thieves, so why did they almost kick Godwin out of their Duck blind?

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A Loyal Employee, an Asset to the Team

John Godwin is a regular cast member of the Duck Dynasty series.  He has worked at Duck Commander since 2002 and manages the shipping department for the company.  He’s also been called an excellent decoy manager, and a vital component of the Duck Commander team.  Therefore, some were shocked to hear the tale of how John Godwin was almost kicked out of Phil Robertson’s Duck Blind!

Trouble in Paradise

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In an episode of Duck Dynasty from season 6 entitled De-Bug Life, Jase Robertson recalls a time when Godwin was not welcome with the Robertson men.  Jase explains, “Everyone knows, the best form of camouflage during duck season, is a man’s beard… Except for John Godwin!”  Poor Godwin became the scapegoat for the men’s lack of game that season.  “His beard became a bit of a problem for us during duck season; he started flaring ducks!  And in our duck blind, that’s a no-no,” continued Jase.

Phil Robertson puts in his two cents

The leader of the Duck Commander pack, Phil Robertson, gave his view on the issue.  “If your beard turns white, that’s like a deer, a deer’s flag in the duck blind.  They see it!”  Phil told Godwin it was quite the problem.  Fittingly, he used Godwin’s nickname when telling him the bad news, “The man who stood out the most was in fact, John the Walrus Godwin.”  

Walrus Goes to the Salon

Godwin is a team player and sought to fix the problem.  He headed to a local salon, where the stylists were more than entertained by his requests.  “You’re wanting to get more of a camo look to your beard?” asked the young and unassuming stylist.  Godwin hilariously held up his camouflage hat and said that’s exactly how he wanted it to look.  Of course, this display of silliness can only be found on a show like Duck Dynasty!

The Big Reveal

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When asked why he finally took action, Godwin replied: “Well you know they ribbed me about it flaring out the ducks.”  “There’s no telling what we would kill if he would just cover that up,” Jase added.  Godwin ended up getting a beautiful dye job and showing it off to the men.  Phil’s response was “WOW!”  “I looked at him and said what in the world,” the former football star stated.  The boys agreed it was a large improvement and Godwin could remain in their duck blind.

Not Everyone is Impressed

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However, there was one person not happy with Godwin’s new look.  His wife Paula expressed her disdain for the change in her man.  Godwin told the Duck Commander employees, “My woman said she wanted her silver fox back.”  Of course, they all got a kick out of that.  Phil shot back, “When there’s snow on the roof, there’s fire in the furnace…”  Too Much Information?

We’re just glad the boys are still together.  This Duck Dynasty cast never disappoints.

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