Could It Be True???

Duck Dynasty fans have been wondering for some time now, when will we hear the words, “Duck Dynasty Cancelled!” Well…the time has come. The Robertsons made the big announcement Wednesday night during the premiere of Season 11.

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Ominous Advertising

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The Robertson family had been advertising all week that they had a “Big announcement,” in store for their fans during the Season 11 premier. Korie Robertson posted this photo eariler in the week with the caption, “Here’s a little sneak peak into Uncle Si’s new show Going Siral????I promise you’ve never seen anything like it????TONIGHT!! New season of@duckdynastyae AND the premiere of#GoingSiral this PLUS we have a BIG announcement tucked into the show…Don’t miss it!!” The family definitely wanted their fans to tune in and hear what they had to say.

The Whole Family Got Involved

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The announcement was made in a short video clip during the season 11 premier. The entire family, including extended Duck Commander family, gathered together. Of course, the family added humor to the sad announcement.  Si proclaimed “We’ve got an unbelievable announcement for yall!” Jase Robertson said the cutting words, “This will be our final season.” However, as he made the shocking announcement a phone appears to ring, proving the Robertsons are the ever distracted bunch. “That really threw me off,” Jase joked. He continues, “After five years we have decided…” but continues to mess up the words to the annoyance of his big family. Finally, he finished “After five years we have decided as a family that this will be the final chapter of the Duck Dynasty series.”

There’s Still More To Come

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Korie proclaimed, “This is going to be the best season yet.” She also hinted that the Robertsons do not intend to simply slip away from their fame. “You might see us again on a special or two,” Korie hinted. We predict the family uses their new free time to pursue other business endeavors. Many of the younger generation have already produced successful lifestyle blogs. The women have their fashions lines, and all of the men are successfully involved in speaking engagements throughout the country.

Brought It All Back to God

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Si Robertson, everyone’s favorite Uncle, ended the Duck Dynasty big announcement with, “May God bless each and every one of you.” Throughout their 11 seasons the family has always aimed to keep God and Christianity at the center of their show. They end every episode with a prayer ending “In Jesus’s Christ name, amen.” This will continue until the very last episode.

So What’s Left?

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A&E made a formal statement with the video saying, “After five years, 130 episodes and one of the biggest hits in the history of cable, the Robertson family and A&E jointly decided that Duck Dynasty, the series, will come to an end after this season.” Season 11 premiered November 16th and will continue through January 18th. There will be a short break and then the show will continue March 1st. The final finale will be aired April 12th.

Though many fans are sad, we are sure there will be much more to come with this Duck Dynasty family.

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