Sadie and John LukeScreen Shot, Fan Favorite Moment

When I asked my dad about the “birds and the bees” he simply said, “The birds hum and the bees buzz.” Sadie and John Luke didn’t have to ask. Although their grandmother, “Mamaw Kay” gave them a lot more than they ever imagined.

When Sadie and John Luke stop in Mamaw Kay’s kitchen

When Sadie explains they are on their way to go meet friends to go bowling, their mamaw grabs onto them like a fly to honey.

“Back in my day…” apparently Mamaw Kay was quite the bowler.

In a slight misunderstanding between the generations, Mamaw Kay took “sometime” as right now time.

Sadie and John LukeScreen Shot, Fan Favorite Moment

Sadie and John Luke tried to make sure their mamaw was dressed appropriately, called out to her to make sure she put on some jeans.

Then out the door they went. She wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to spend time wither her grandbabies.

Miss Kay revealed that she never go to do much with her grandmother. So she is determined to be different with her grandkids. She’s up for trying new things.

Meeting up their friends. Miss Kay is absolutely thrilled. It’s the first time in 20 years that she has had a bowling ball in her hands.

Within minutes, Miss Kay determines that the girls they are meeting up with, are “after” her grandson.

She brings over an arm full of bowling shoes. Then proceeds to tell John Luke that she had them spray an extra shot into his shoes. Because last time he got a fungus.

Yeah. The perfect thing every teenaged boy wants announced in front of pretty girls. Little did he know, his mamaw was just warming up–and we’re not talking bowling.

She decided that John Luke needed a “wing-man” and she was just the lady to do it.

“Ya’ll talking about boys?” asked Mamaw Kay.

“No ma’am” Sadie replied.

Sadie and John LukeScreen Shot, Fan Favorite Moment

Then before you know it, Mamaw Kay asks the entire group of kids if they’ve all had their sex-talk from their parents yet.

John Luke, in an apparent shot at shutting this conversation down before it went to far, quickly answered, “YES.”

In Miss Kay’s defense, she saw, what she thought would be a real bonding experience. However, the grands didn’t quite see that way.

“There are things married people do, and there are things that dating people do.”

Kay explained to embarrassed kids in the middle of the bowling ally.

Tongue? Nope. And you better watch the hands. If they start “reaching around.”

About the time she asked if the kids were ever told about when their daddy was conceived, is when their hospitality ran out. Therefore, it was time to take Mamaw Kay home.

Miss Kay wished she had had someone to tell her what she was trying to tell her grandkids fifty years ago.

Because she had to learn the hard way. Bets are good Sadie and John Luke learned a few things the hard way that day too.

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