Duck Commander began as a dream of Phil Robertson’s, and has now grown into a multi-million dollar business run by Willie Robertson. The company recently grew. Strut Commander is the new segment of the Duck Commander franchise.

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Humble Beginnings

Duck Commander began when Phil Robertson created his first duck call. He wanted a call that sounded like a real duck, not a perfectly tuned instrument to win competitions. It didn’t take long before he began to sell the calls.

Though the company had very humble beginnings, it quickly grew when Walmart picked up the calls. Then the Duck Dynasty reality show success catopulted the company. Today they have many additions to the company, including the newest division “Strut Commander.”

Strut Commander

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Today on Duck Commander’s official Instagram, a post was made announcing that the new website was live. Strut Commander is all about Turkey season. The home page of the new website reads, “Spring brings a clean slate, and these guys are just getting started.” The Instagram post also advertised a new line of turkey calls to be sold on the website. 

One Simple Desire

The company claims to be fueled by one desire — to kill turkeys. Much like Phil Robertson’s desire to create a duck call that would bring in as many ducks as possible; the Strut Commander goal is to rake in the turkeys. The website states, “The Strut Commander Pros chase all species of turkeys across America, tricking the long beards into looking for that hen.” 

Professional Involvement

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The Duck Commander brand prides itself in having experienced hunters in the production rooms. Strut Commander is no exception to this. The website states that all turkey calls are created by experienced hunters who know how a successful call should sound.


The “About Us” section states, “Our calls are inspired by pros with one goal — enticing a Tom into the range of the hunter.” Those involved with the company are active in turkey hunting and use their experiences to make the products better. “Strut Commander incorporates what we learn from our hunts back into these calls for all to use in their neck of the woods.”

You Don’t Have to be a Pro

Novices need not be deterred. Strut Commander promises, “We pride ourselves on making products that can be used by rookies, weekend warriors and seasoned pros alike. We know that if properly used, the combination of our calls and a steady aim will help you successfully fill your tags and your dinner plates.”

Lots Of Merchandise

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Aside from calls there is quite a selection of merchandise for sale on the website. Among other items, t-shirts and hats are also available. 

The Robertson family has an entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep. They are constantly growing their businesses and expanding the Dynasty! Strut Commander adds to a long list of projects the family has in store this year. They are always a family to watch. 


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