Drop the Mic: Kunal Nayyar vs Mayim Bialik – FULL BATTLE


TWO starrings of The Big Bang Theory have lunged personal insults at one another during a heated rap battle.
Kunal Nayyar( who plays Raj) and Mayim Bialik( who plays Amy) didn’t hold back during their appearance on Drop the Mic, a comic battle rap competition series based on the popular segment from The Late Late Show With James Corden.
Nayyar picked on Bialik for her starring role on’ 90 s Tv demonstrate Blossom and also called her a nerd for having a PhD in neuroscience.
Bialik on the other hand mostly taunted her British-Indian co-star’s heritage.
Here are some of the best insults from Nayyar:
It’s my pal Mayim, isn’t that awesome
She’s a former child star who never quite blossomed.
She left TV for a PhD. I swear,
She came back to act , nobody cared.

Yes you were on a indicate where Joey Lawrence said’ whoa !’
You walk into a room and everybody’s like’ no !’
Maybe change your name, your name voices awful
Mayim Bialik? Is that a side dish for falafel?
You have a PhD so answer me this, honey
You can deconstruct an element, why can’t you be funny?
And here are some of the best insults from Bialik:
He loves golf, let me give you this hook
Your wife’s Miss India, I’m sure she likes you for your looks
You’re not the Big Bang rapper, that’s a reach
Come to think of it you’re basically our show’s Screech
You got balls making fun of my name on purpose
‘ Cos you got the kind of name that stimulates Donald Trump nervous.