Does Melissa Rauch Hate Her Husband’s Style?


Melissa Rauch recently gave some great relationship advice, while simultaneously letting it slip that she sometimes hates her husband’s shoe choices. Here’s what The Big Bang Theory star had to say to Glamour Magazine.

Glamour Magazine Loves Big Bang Theory

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Glamour Magazine has an entire section of their website devoted to The Big Bang Theory. The magazine frequently recaps the shows, writes articles about its actors, and interviews Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch.

This past issue Melissa got to weigh in on a bit of relationship advice. Melissa explained on her Instagram account, “Thank you @glamour & @jessicaradloff14 for asking my opinion on how to handle annoying habits in relationships.”

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Apparently Glamour wanted to know how Melissa handles giving her significant other fashion criticism. Melissa Rauch is married to Winston Rauch. The pair seem to be very much in love, and even work together. They both worked on The Bronze together, as well as The Miss Education of Jenna Bush. Winston actually took his wife’s last name when they married. The untraditional move may have been due to her fame through Big Bang Theory

It seems like this couple has everything figured out- working together, breaking traditions, supporting one another. However, apparently there is one part of Winston’s wardrobe that drives Melissa Crazy.

Melissa Rauch for Glamour Mag

Melissa said, “I think it’s important to pick your battles. In any relationship my goal is to always try to find a balance between “see something, say something,” and biting your tongue so hard you give yourself an unintentional nineties-style piercing.”

Melissa then went on to say, “If the habit is either harmful to your spouse, or something that will drive you absolutely insane over time, you may want to share your thoughts, but do so kindly.”

What is the one thing that drives Melissa crazy? She finished by saying, “Personally, I like to leave gentle reminders- like a note on my husband’s Crocs that says, “Why do you hate yourself?”