Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you surely know what a phenomenon Pokémon Go has become. Since it was initially released in July, people of all ages have quickly become addicted. Now one group of players is facing some trouble for playing while they’re supposed to be working. Disneyland has had to start warning its employees (or “cast members,” as they’re actually called) to stop playing Pokémon Go on the job.

No Pokémon Go at Disneyland

Kotaku first reported on this story last week. One of their readers sent them a shot of this sign from behind-the-scenes at Disneyland in California:

Pokemon Go Disneyland signImage Credit: Kotaku

It’s a little hard to read with the glare, so here’s the full text of the sign:


ATTENTION CAST MEMBERS: For your safety and for the safety of those around you, the cell phone app “Pokémon Go” shall only be played on your sanctioned break or off time.

  • Please do not wander into restricted areas in your quest to collect them all.
  • Make sure Guests are not wandering into restricted places trying to play.
  • Please make sure you are not walking and looking at your phone ignoring your surroundings.
  • Do not use the time to set up or get a water break to pull out your phone to complete your Pokédex. (We know you’re only going to catch a Rattata anyway.)

The Dangers of Pokémon Go

It’s an understandable request, especially in a park as large as Disneyland. With potential dangerous rides and hazards around every corner, Disney can’t afford for its employees to be distracted.

There are already been numerous accidents across the country resulting from distracted Pokémon Go players. Despite repeated warnings from the game’s creators and law enforcement, many people continue to play the game while driving. This has resulted in countless automobile accidents. Others have been hit by cars while walking and looking at their phones as they try to catch a Pokémon.

There have even been reports of robbers using the game to lure people into secluded areas. One player even walked off a cliff while playing Pokémon Go!

Disneyland is a Pokémon Wonderland

There may be a good reason Disneyland employees are frequently whipping out their phones to play, though. According to reports, Disneyland is ripe with rare Pokémon. Apparently, all of the Disney parks also feature a high density of gyms and PokéStops. Some players are paying the admission price simply to hunt Pokémon, with no intention of riding or otherwise enjoying the park.

Part of the reason Disney parks have such a high number of different Pokémon is due to their varied environments. You can everything from large water areas to deserts to graveyards, all in one spot in a Disney theme park.

It’s not just Disney, though. Six Flags guests were becoming so distracted trying to collect Pokémon, the park had to release an advisory guide. The Six Flags guide asks its guests to refrain from trying to catch Pokémon while on a ride. It also advises players to turn off the Pokémon Go augmented reality (AR) mode while walking through the park.

What do you think? Have you every caught any rare Pokémon inside a Disney park?

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