Guns at Disney World? Two people recently arrested



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Trouble at Disney World

This is a real story, despite how unnerving it is…

Authorities arrested two gun owners after they tried to bring weapons into Walt Disney World in Orlando. According to police, Alabama resident, Baleigh Turner was checking out the Animal Kingdom park recently when guards found a loaded .380-caliber pistol in her backpack. 

Yikes, Baleigh.

Not only that but Turner’s concealed weapons permit had expired. 

But, wait. It doesn’t stop there. 

Disney World
Baleigh Turner, 23, (L) and Michael Langston, (R) 61, were separately

On that same day, Michael Langston, a 61-year-old from Louisiana, found himself in handcuffs for a similar offense. Authorities found a pistol on him when he was visiting Epcot. Fortunately, they found the gun because Langston was the lucky winner for a random metal detector screening. He did tell the guards about the gun he was carrying, although he did not have a valid permit for the weapon.

Both Langston and Turner got out on $2,000 bond.

Disney takes security seriously

Disney World
Two mounted security guards at Disney Springs (Source: Theme Park Tourist)

Obviously, Disney World has already made strict gun policies at its parks. At the end of last year, acknowledged that in the US and the world, guns are prevalent. In eight entrances at the Florida and California theme parks, Disney installed metal detectors in light of last year’s shootings all over the country. 

Toy guns are prohibited at Disney park, and the company has also stopped selling toy guns (not even water guns). And adults are now not allowed to wear costumes as not to be able to hide weaponry. These types of toys and costumes were being sold at stores like a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed shop — there were racks and racks of plastic pirate guns. Well, no more of that.

This is obviously to protect the people in the park, especially the children. A spokesperson for Disney said that, with these policies, both visible and non-visible security measures are now in place and that more law enforcement and dogs are patrolling the parks. 

The parks are adding extra precautions because of “the current state of heightened awareness,” according to the Disney spokesperson.

“We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate,” Disney said in a statement.

The Orange Country sheriff’s personnel patrol the California Disney properties. So if you’re worried about your child’s safety, you can be assured that everything is safe. The sheriff’s office agrees wholeheartedly with the new-ish security measures.

“The Sheriff has regularly called for enhanced law enforcement visibility along with additional measures to promote safety for our residents, visitors and tourists during the holiday season,” the office said in a statement. “In light of the recent attacks, our awareness and vigilance remain a priority.”

So there’s nothing to worry about. These cases seem to be outliers, and Disney is always making sure Disney fans are safe when they visit the land of dreams.