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Disney Ends Parade After 35 Years of Success

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-22

The popular Main Street Electric Light Show has come to an end after more than 30 years in operation. The parade, which is said to be one of the greatest shows on earth, started in the 1970s. If any of you have seen the show, then you know how spectacular it was. The night time parade, included massive floats of amazing electric lights. It looked like giant floats wrapped in Christmas lights. The parade featured floats from movies like Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World After All.

Disney decided to pull the plug. The final parade ran its course on October 9th after one last, limited edition run.  Disney’s Main Street Electric Light Show was a nightly parade and a longtime favorite for people visiting the Florida amusement park. The show is now en route to the West Coast, where it will be presented as an encore performance. 

The parade went through several transformations throughout the years. After its first presentation in 1972, they continued to run the show until 1991. The parade was halted until 2001, and then returned again in 2010.

The parade has also been seen in Disneyland, California through 1996.

Dumbo’s Circus was also featured in the parade, along with Cinderella’s Ball and several others. It’s claimed to be one of the most epic parades the world has ever seen. The parade was started to provide Disney patrons with entertainment at night, as Disney was having challenges keeping guests at night. The fireworks show that was running at the time, simply wasn’t enough.


The attraction has not been completely smooth. Prior to the first run of the show, they had some pretty serious disasters. Cast members were shocked and injured. The floats continually fell apart, unable to complete the parade. Many of the floats were not even in 3-D, as they are now. Luckily, Disney made some changes, and gave spectators one of the greatest shows on earth.

The Main Street Electric Light Parade Started in California

There is always a possibility the show will make its way back to Orlando in the future. It was first created in California. The Parade has had many trips back and forth between the two parks since its opening. This could very well be the last run of the great Main Street Electric Light Parade. So if you have yet to see it, you may want to make it out to California for the final run of the show.

Watching the parade’s last run will likely be something Disney enthusiasts will appreciate more than anyone else. But seeing the show would definitely be nice for anyone looking to have a good time. And if you have children, you can take them to see the parade. It will allow them to experience a piece of magical history. One that will give them something to talk about when they are older, even if they don’t appreciate the special moment now.

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