For a lot of people, it’s a dream come true when you find your perfect match. What’s even better? When you end up marrying that person. So what’s a great way to immortalize the wonderful memory of a wedding? By choosing a memorable song to dance to, of course! We all know that Disney is a great source of romantic (and not so romantic) songs that couples from all walks of life can choose. Without further ado, here are some of the best Disney songs that you can add to your playlist.

Maestro, if you will begin…

Marrying your best friend? This song is a great song for a first dance. It’s ideal for beginners, it encapsulates the whole meaning of a relationship, and not to mention that dancing to this song will get a smile from friends and family.

Who’s the beauty and who’s the beast? No need to answer that question! But yes, this is a great song for couples that want to waltz into their storybook ending.

This iconic song has had little girls dreaming of their prince charming since it was released. Just try not to sway and sing along.


Here’s another song from Sleeping Beauty; this is a faster, more upbeat choice.

This one is from The Princess Diaries soundtrack. Renee Olstead has a divinely soothing voice. And don’t we all want a love that will last?

If you watched this movie, you know the scene where Mia ends up spending the night with Nicholas. It was such a pivotal moment, and we all know the romantic song that plays during that scene. Mia and Nicholas had such a great chemistry in that movie, right? Oh and yes, Norah Jones has a great voice, too.

Robin Hood had one of the best romantic pairings of all time, and This is a nostalgic song that will surely give you the butterflies.

A romantic song that doesn’t scream romance! It’s perfectly sweet, easy to dance to, and it encapsulates what all newly-wed couples want out of marriage: a great partnership.

Peggy Lee’s He’s a Tramp is such a fun song! It’s upbeat, it’s not mushy, and it will surely elicit a laugh from the crowd. If you have a 50s theme or you’re wearing a vintage (or vintage-looking) wedding gown, you’ll get plus points for that.

Of course, there’s also a whole album of curated Disney songs that are perfect for your wedding. If you’re strapped for time and you just want a ready-mix of Disney songs without lyrics, this one is perfect. Another great idea is to find a singer, musician, or a whole band who can create a cover or a new interpretation of your favorite Disney song.


As for me, my choice would definitely be Come and Get Your Love from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

How about you? What Disney song would you like to dance to at your wedding?


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