How Would Your Favorite Disney Princesses Look With Tattoos and Piercings?


Disney princesses belong in a world outside of time.

Most of them live in fairy tale kingdoms, most akin to our world as it stood centuries ago. Even those heroines who live in the real world (Mulan, Pocahontas, etc.) tend to exist in the past.

But what if our favorite Disney princesses were magically transported to the modern world? Imagine Ariel or Cinderella inhabiting a world filled with iPhones and e-cigarettes, Netflix and Uber. What fashion choices would our princesses make?

Of course, real life princesses like Kate Middleton still keep things classy even in our modern world. But what about more edgy trends, like tattoos, shaved heads, and piercings? Imagine if your favorite Disney princesses took on a trendy hipster look. It might look something like the following slides…


Here’s a look at a clearly jaded modern Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Notice the Chanel logo on her oversized earrings — obviously something that any modern day Disney princess would surely wear. She’s also got a discreet Marilyn Monroe lip piercing and few Arabic tattoos, which is only fitting considering her story’s setting.


Check out this hip take on Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She’s still got her trademark red hair, but she’s accented her look with a few piercings and tattoos. Here, Ariel has a subtle nose ring, an eyebrow piercing, and multiple ear plugs. Her ink is showing love for her pals Sebastian and Flounder, as well as her man, Prince Eric. Finally, you’ve gotta love the Jack Daniels t-shirt.


It’s hard to imagine that Queen Elsa from Frozen could get much more fierce, but she’s pulled it off here. She’s sporting a playful Olaf tattoo on her arm, with her sister’s name tattooed across her neck. The snowflake tattoo near her eye is a nice touch, but it’s the giant frozen heart across her back that demands the most attention.


Wow. Mulan has got a lot going on here. First of all, the haircut is absolutely stunning, and the purple highlights really draw attention. Mulan is sporting a plethora of piercings — almost too many to count. The Mushu tattoo along with the Chinese calligraphy is perhaps the most fitting ink of any of the princesses so far, though.


Hey, if you’ve gotta have all that hair like Rapunzel, you might as well change it up once in a while, right? The Tangled star is sporting a nice punk green in this picture, which goes well with her new piercings and tattoos. The collarbone and chest tattoos are pretty realistic, giving this princess possibly the most convincing look yet.


Wow! Belle from Beauty and the Beast is looking absolutely stunning in this design. The buxom pin-up is sporting two tattooed tributes to her love, the Beast. There’s a wicked portrait on her arm, with his name spelled out across her chest. Amazing.


Okay, Alice isn’t technically a Disney princess. But the Alice in Wonderland star is looking pretty sick in her new hip incarnation. Alice is rocking full sleeves on both arms, multiple piercings, and a very Wonderland-esque pink hair color. And you can’t go wrong with the vintage Nirvana shirt!