Our favorite prince is coming to the live screen. This time he will be directed by Guy Ritchie. The same producer, Guy Lin, who brought us Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur, will be producing the film as well. Aladdin is a little different than the other Guy Ritchie films for sure.

Guy Ritchie is more known for his previous endeavors with movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. They’re a bit different than what the audience watching Aladdin will be looking for.  But maybe his grittiness will help bring the street urchin to life in the new live action movie.

Aladdin could be one of the best movies to date created by the Disney team. Aladdin was originally created back in 1992 and has since been one of the greatest Disney films of all times.

How Much Money Did Aladdin Win?

Aladdin was a pretty big movie for Disney, pulling in $217 dollars in United States alone and another $504 million outside the country. The live adaptation of the movie will hopefully be as entertaining as other recent live adaptions, like the Jungle Book and Tarzan. They will also be releasing a live action version of the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

The scribe of Big Fish and The Lego’s Movie, John August has also scripted over Maleficent and Cinderalla, as well as The Jungle Book. It looks like he may be making a new career here, adapting movies over to live-action.

Ritchie has quite a name across the world for the previous films he’s done. Aladdin was one of the most popular films in the Disney catalog. It’s going to be interesting seeing how things pan out with no Robbin Williams in the picture.

Who Will Play Aladdin in the New Movey?

The question now is who will they cast for the movie?

Disney Hires Guy Ritchie to Shoot Live Action AladdinWho will Disney find to replace Robyn Williams? Also, since Guy Ritchie is basically known for crime movies, what will his directing bring to the table? Luckily, speaking for myself at least, the age group that watched Aladdin also grew up watching Lock Stock and Snatch.

Maybe there will not be a gap to bridge, so it could be a smooth transition. If they follow the recent pattern of live-action movies they’ve been making, then Aladdin will be more real to life. It could be more dark, a little rougher and tougher. But this could all lead to a good movie that is better more entertaining and easier to watch than other versions someone else could have directed.

I’m thinking, between the cast, Guy Ritchie and the crowd, Aladdin could turn out to be one of the best Live-Action movies released in the Disney Franchise to date.

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