99% Of Big Bang Fans Missed This One Ridiculous Joke…


Classic TBBT Episode PT

On February 23rd, The Convention Conundrum replayed on CBS. There was no new TBBT episode this week. However, we got to relive a classic part of TBBT history. Here are 5 ridiculous quotes from this old Big Bang Theory episode.

Sheldon Secures James Earl Jones

Sheldon: Gentlemen, I am one step away from securing a huge guest for my convention.

Leonard: Does that step include chloroform and a roll of duct tape?

Sheldon: I don’t think that will be necessary for Mr. James Earl Jones. You heard me. The voice of Darth Vader, the Lion King’s dad, and FYI, the guy who says, This is CNN. Which also sounds like Darth Vader.

Sheldon ends up figuring out where Jone’s favorite sushi restaurant is, and stalking him for a meet and greet.

Amy Admits To A Traumatizing Childhood Moment

Amy: Well, last time I got dressed up and had tea was when I was five. Just me, my teddy bear, Raggedy Ann and my hamster.

Bernadette: That’s cute.

Amy: It was. Till my hamster ate all her babies. It got less cute really fast.

Sheldon Bonds With Darth Vader

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James Earl Jones was surprisingly very cool about Sheldon stalking him…who would have guessed?

James Earl Jones: Let me guess. You like Star Wars. You know, I’ve been in other movies. But you don’t care about those, do you? I have one thing to say to people like you. I like Star Wars, too. Care to join me?

Sheldon: Thank you. My friend Leonard said if I bothered you while you were eating, you’d think I was a creepy stalker.

James Earl Jones: Well, your friend Leonard sounds like a real weenie.

Sheldon: He is, Mr. Earl Jones, he is.

Raj Kinda Runs The Badass Thing

Raj kind of negated the badass pact when he said the phrase, “pinky-swear.”

Leonard: I say, this one time, instead of wimping out, let’s be badasses.

Raj: Okay, I’ll be a badass, but only if you pinky-swear to be one, too.

Sheldon Talks For James

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Sheldon pretty much couldn’t let his idol get in a word edgewise.

Sheldon: Is it true, as a child, you were a stutterer and were functionally mute for eight years?

James: It is true.

Sheldon: Oh. Is it true they used scuba gear to create the sound of Darth Vader breathing?

James: They sure did.

Sheldon: Oh. Is it true that you were pre-med in college and you almost became a doctor?

James: That’s right.

Sheldon: Oh, James, I could listen to your stories all night.

It turns out James Earl Jones could get the boys into Comic Con the entire time. This is the one time Sheldon met an idol who didn’t ask for a restraining order. 

Do you love this classic TBBT episode?

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