LENNIE JAMES ASKS: Did You Notice This One Thing In The Rick And Morgan Scene?


Three Things That Happen With Rick And Morgan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In The Walking Dead premiere, “Rock in the Road,” Rick went on a journey of recruitment to gather troops so he could take down Negan. After Hilltop, Negan took Rick to see the King, where he also ran into Morgan.

Actor Lennie James revealed three interesting things that happened during their conversation. “One is that Morgan lies. He tells Rick that Carol is gone. The second thing is that he tells Rick he had to kill somebody. That has a huge amount of history.”

The final revelation Morgan learns about are the deaths of Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, and Olivia. “Morgan finds out who Negan has killed. It’s the beginning of Morgan feeling the storm coming. He knows why Rick is there and it’s the first drop of rain.”

Rick And More Still Do Not See Eye-to-Eye

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Similarly, Rick also showed some hostility towards his friend Morgan. These two clearly don’t see eye-to-eye any longer. That was obvious when Morgan first arrived at Hilltop and Rick executed a man on command.

Andrew Lincoln revealed, “It’s interesting that when Morgan appears, the first question isn’t, “How are you?” but “Where is she? Did you find her?” That, for me, shows that there is still a distance between these characters.”

In addition, Lincoln also added that Morgan doesn’t come to his aid when they are granted an audience with the King. It’s obvious, through the King’s question, that Morgan can influence Ezekiel, but he chooses not to stand behind Rick.

“Morgan’s ideology is diametrically opposed to what we want and what the world is…” confirmed Lincoln.

Creating Balance Between Rick And Morgan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick and Morgan’s differences are what makes them a strong combination. It’s ideal to have someone who speaks of peace and someone who understands war by the ear of the King.

The issue now, however, is that the King listens to Morgan and he doesn’t know Rick. If Ezekiel knew each man equally, he would likely give Rick’s plea more of a chance instead of telling him that he couldn’t help.

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