Did Willie Robertson Approve Of The CRAZY Way Sadie Celebrated Her 21st Birthday?


Korie and Willie Robertson celebrated their baby girl’s 21st birthday last week. Hardly anyone expected Sadie Robertson to celebrate the milestone with wild drinking and partying. However, she did surprise fans with her birthday activity. Did Willie approve of this crazy behavior?

Willie Robertson’s Daughter Goes Skydiving

Willie Robertson is a pretty protective dad. We’ve seen him keeping a watchful eye on Sadie Robertson in many Duck Dynasty episodes. However, now it seems that this Duck Commander dad is having to let go of the reins a bit, and admit that his little girl is all grown up.

Sadie isn’t the party type, so Willie didn’t have to be too worried on her birthday. While many parents spend their children’s 21st hoping they’ll stay out of too much trouble, Willie could rest assured Sadie wouldn’t be guzzling her body weight in alcohol. However, he may still have been nervous…because Sadie went skydiving…with Korie.

Korie Robertson, The Cool Mom

That’s right. Willie had two women to worry about on Sadie’s 21st. Both she and Korie went mother-daughter skydiving to celebrate Sadie’s legal age. The pair brought along multiple friends, and head into the clouds.

Korie posted photos from the jump on Instagram. Korie posted a series of photos showing the two Robertson women excited and terrified. Korie said, “I think they’re trying to scare us. Do we need a helmet? I’m not nervous, are you nervous…”

She also wrote, “I love you, Sadie! I’ll jump out of the sky with you anytime. Love watching you #livefearless…”

Sadie also posted some hilarious photos from the jump…

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