Walking Dead Cast Arrives In Georgia

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Norman Reedus The cast and crew behind The Walking Dead have just landed in Georgia to begin filming Season 8 of the AMC series. Some of the cast have already started sharing behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter and Instagram.

Chandler Riggs made comments a few weeks ago about his excitement in reading the Season 8 premiere. Now, with the cast back together, Norman Reedus has gotten online to share a photo.

More than likely, this photo is actually from the Season 7 finale.

“Ahem,” Daryl Catches Carol…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus writes “Ahem” as if he’s catching actress Melissa McBride looking at his butt in this photo. The photographer inside Reedus is always capturing photos so likely this is one of many we’ll see as the show gets going again.

According to Comic Book, Reedus had previewed photos in the past:

“Photos for Season 8 likely won’t be released until the mid-summer if The Walking Dead‘s marketing train will be following the same tracks as previous seasons. However, Reedus has released photos in the past which were from upcoming episodes before having to delete them. Captioning a photo, “Season 6 finale,” Reedus unveiled the first look at himself and Andrew Lincoln in the Season 7 premiere which showed Lincoln’s Rick character having the blood of Abraham Ford on his face. Whoops!”

Avoiding Major Leaks On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As The Walking Dead continues to grow, the cast will have to be kept secret more and more often. Last year’s biggest leak was that Sonequa Martin-Green would be leaving the show for Star Trek: Discovery, which basically sealed Sasha’s death.

While fans act like they want to know everything before it happens, we really want to see it during the episode. This has likely never been more true than Season 8, which will cover Negan’s War with Rick.

The Walking Dead Season 8 returns in October.

Do you want to know what happens before it happens on The Walking Dead?

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