This May Be The SHOCKINGLY Evil Reason Duck Dynasty Is Cancelled…


Cursing and FAMILY EXCLUSION… Things Have Changed Drastically For Duck… 

Duck Dynasty began on March 21, 2012, and has boasted 11 seasons to date. 

The show will end this year. However, many fans have noticed the Duck family has changed a LOT… this may be why they have chosen to end their time in the spotlight.

With fame comes many negative things. Luckily, the Duck family puts GOD before everything — and they know when evil is interfering. We think that may be why the Duck family has chosen to end their time in the spotlight…

If you look back at the first ever Duck Dynasty episode, you’ll notice some things that have majorly changed. 

Some for the better, some for the worse…

Korie Is Busier Than Ever With Other Ventures

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These days Korie has many of her own business endeavors to take care of. She may be a little too busy for Duck Dynasty…

She and the other duck wives have created their own fashion, jewelry, and accessory labels. She’s also written her own books, and opened the store Duck and Dressing with her daughter Rebecca.

However, in Season 1 Korie was still working day to day with Willie at Duck Commander. In the pilot episode Willie introduces Korie and explains that she has helped him grow the business into a multimillion dollar corporation. Korie can be seen running the warehouse and keeping the men accountable.

Nowadays we’re sure Korie is still involved in the Duck Commander business, but we can be sure that she isn’t spending every minute at the warehouse. She’s far too busy managing millions of social media followers, helping out the children she has left at home, and running the many side businesses the Robertsons have opened over the years.

Jep Has Had… Too Much Time In The Spotlight?

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In the very first episode of Duck Dynasty, Jep wasn’t introduced as a regular cast member. We only see Jep as the camera man for the filming of Miss Kay’s cooking DVD. Willie doesn’t even list him as one of the people involved with duck call production.

Now, in Season 11, Jep is always seen working alongside the other guys in the duck call room. It’s unclear if the first season he simply wasn’t shown on film, or if he really didn’t work at the business. Jessica does not appear in the pilot episode. It’s funny to think that this couple wasn’t involved, and yet now they have their own Spin-off series; Jep and Jessica: Growing The Dynasty.

There’s Barely Any Kids

As Duck Dynasty went on we met more and more of the Robertson family members. Plot lines geared away from their business and more towards the children’s various activities. We see Sadie, John Luke, Reed, and even Lilly way more now than we ever did in Season 1. The only grandchild to appear in the first episode of Duck Dynasty is Cole Robertson. Phil explains to him what type of woman to look for. Poor Cole had to be the guinea pig for the entire series.

Willie Has Abandoned His Christian Roots? Now Curses On TV…

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Near the end of the pilot episode, we hear a word of Willie’s bleeped out. Willie was yelling at his family employees for not focusing on production. However, we know that Willie did not actually curse in this moment. The family has revealed that producers used to bleep out random words to make it appear like the family was cursing. The Robertsons quickly told the network that they wouldn’t allow this, and didn’t want to be portrayed in this way.

Can you believe the differences from now and the first episode of Duck Dynasty?

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