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Cool Dad Makes Awesome Disney-Themed School Lunches for Kids

By Barry Rice | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-02

Who says school lunches have to be boring? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, juice boxes… snooze. One awesome dad is putting his artistic skills to work and preparing healthy, Disney-themed lunches for his kids.

Beau Coffron is a social media expert and father. He blogs on his website, lunchboxdad.com, about ways to prepare easy, fun school lunches. He also likes to show off his bento box creations.

“Bento” is a Japanese term for single-portion meals arranged in a box-shaped container. Most bento boxes are divided (like a TV dinner tray) but some are completely open inside. One popular way of preparing bento boxes is called “kyaraben,” meaning “character bento.” This is a bento box that has the food arranged so that it resembles popular characters from comic books, video games, and cartoons.

Recently, Coffron took to the website Bored Panda to share some of his Disney-inspired kyaraben. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

Inside Out Bento Box


Amazing, right? Coffron even goes on to describe what the lunch is made of, and what each piece represents. Joy’s head is made from a sandwich using tortillas instead of bread. Her face and hair are made with an edible modeling dough. The different colored fruits represent the different emotions in the film. And, obviously, their round shape is meant to evoke the memory balls in Inside Out. No details on what the words are made of, but based on Coffron’s other work, our best guess would be cheese.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Bento Box

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Bento Box
Image Credit: lunchboxdad.com

This one takes a completely different approach. Instead of the divided bento box used for the Inside Out lunch, this is all together like a salad. Mickey and Minnie are both made of hard-boiled eggs and olive. They’re resting on a bed on salad greens and surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a few dried fruits.

Zootopia Bento Box

Disney Zootopia Bento Box
Image Credit: lunchboxdad.com

This Zootopia bento is almost too cute for words. Here Coffron used a whole wheat sandwich to made Judy Hopps. That’s cream cheese jam that makes the details of her face. Little Nick Wilde is just a sweet pepper and cheese. His tie is more edible modeling dough. Coffron really makes this look too easy!

Finding Nemo Bento Box

Disney Finding Nemo Bento Box
Image Credit: lunchboxdad.com

This may be the best one yet. Not only is it an amazing design, but that classic metal bento box gives it real character. Nemo is made of dried mango with yogurt-covered raisins for eyes. If you couldn’t guess, that’s blue Jell-O he’s swimming in. The turtle is just snap peas and broccoli. And though they may be simple touches, the goldfish crackers plus the shells and cheese really bring the whole thing together.

BONUS: Avengers Bento Box

The Avengers Bento Box
Image Credit: lunchboxdad.com

Okay, so The Avengers aren’t exactly Disney. But Disney does own Marvel Comics and The Avengers, and this box was too cool not to share. The Avengers emblem sandwich is carefully crafted from whole wheat bread and cheese. Thor’s hammer is a pretzel stick with a colored Rice Krispie treat head. The Hulk is a hard-boiled egg, and nearby, Captain America’s shield is made of berries and cream cheese. Those are dried fruit Scarlet Witch hex rings at the top. And near the center is a plastic Black Widow spider ring, because why not?

For many more impressive bento box creations (including plenty that aren’t Disney-themed), be sure to check out Coffron’s website at lunchboxdad.com.

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