Big Bang Fans Can’t Stop Comparing Sheldon To THIS Legendary Sitcom Character…


Friends and The Big Bang Theory

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Friends and The Big Bang Theory are often compared. They’re both powerhouse comedies that extended well past ten years. Both have actors making upwards of 1 million dollars per episode. Both surround a group of friends navigating city life. Plus, both have a nerdy guy…but which nerdy guy is Ross most like?

Ross and Sheldon

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TBBT fans have often compared Penny to Rachel. However, has anyone stopped to realize the crazy similarities between Ross and many of the TBBT men? Ross has a lot of likeness to both Sheldon and Leonard–so which is he most like?

Sheldon and Ross have something in common–a love of science. While their subject matter is different, they both get excited about new discoveries. Sheldon loves his job at the university and pours himself into his work. Ross can’t get enough of dinosaurs, and his obsession is a frequent joke on the Friends set.

There’s one more thing these two have in common–they’re the smartest of their friends and they know it. Sheldon is often condescending to his peers and frequently points out his accomplishments. While Ross may not be as

While Ross may not be as rude and definitely understands more social rules, he too can sometimes be a bit condescending. Particularly in the cast of Joey, Ross knows he’s the smarter friend and sometimes makes a point of it.

And then there’s…

Ross and Leonard

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While Ross may have a few similarities with Sheldon, our conclusion is that Ross and Leonard are most alike.

Both score the hottie on the show and are way out of their league in the romance department. Both get married in Vegas–remember that surprising scene between Rachel and Ross?

Both have a flamboyant friend who tries to woo the ladies. While Howard and Joey’s approaches may be different- they both are very forward when it comes to picking up women. 

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Ross and Leonard share a love for science, a love for beautiful women, and a habit of marriages (Leonard did marry Penny twice after all.) We’d say these two are the lovable nerds of the two iconic comedies.

Who’s your favorite of Ross and Leonard?

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