1When the Robertsons go to church, people follow them. Hoards of people.

Some of the Robertson family standing in front of their church (source: The Inquisitr)

Phil Robertson sometimes speaks at the Robertson’s home church, the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ. One time, when he stepped up in front of a crowd of about 70 people, he doesn’t keep the spotlight on himself.

“Y’all looking at me saying, ‘That’s about the raggedyest-looking Bible school teacher I’ve ever seen in my life,’” he said. “God does not look at outward appearances, the clothes on your back.” He then started preaching from John 3:16.

Millions of people watch A&E’s Duck Dynasty, which had made these family members superstars, especially in rural, hunting areas. But this whole church thing is not for show.

They’ve been going to this church as a family for a long time. It’s actually just a few miles away from the Duck Commander headquarters. If you are an avid Duck Dynasty watcher, you probably already know this as the church as made several cameos. 

Alan Robertson, the lesser-known brother of the family, was the pastor of WFRCC. He has no beard, does not usually wear camo, and is not as much of a duck hunter. He calls himself a “Jacob in a family of Esaus.”


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