Chris Pratt got his big break by making people laugh on NBC’s Parks & Recreation. And with a new fishing video, it seems he’s continuing that trend.

Chris Pratt shows us how to fillet a fish, but both laymen and true fisherman know he has no idea what he’s doing (photo via YouTube) Although he went on to star in serious movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, he hasn’t lost his funny bone. He recently had fisherman and non-fisherman alike belly laughing.

In a recent video, he takes us through the steps for cleaning and gutting a fish, but he clearly has no idea what he’s doing. And it’s hilarious.

The video, shot in partnership with Vanity Fair, shows Pratt standing next to Lake Perris in California. It gives the impression that he caught the fish, but in reality, we pretty much know he didn’t. 

In this segment called “How To Fillet A Fish,” the comedian/serious actor grabs a fish from his fillet table.

“I caught myself a sea bass,” he says as he holds up the fish. “Which probably sounds pretty crazy, considering that we’re about 150 miles inland.” 

Pratt being all serious in his starring role in Jurassic World (photo via The Mary Sue)

The video gets funnier as you watch it. It seems like he ad-lib’d the whole thing, but who really knows.

“Maybe you guys can fix it in the post to where it looks like I took the cheek meat out, okay?” he asks someone behind the camera. 

After filleting the fish in a not-so-fisherman-y way, he decides to place the carcass back in the water.

“And now I’m going to go ahead and release this guy and catch him again next year,” he says as he gently drops the fish into the lake. “I’m always a catch and release fisherman.”

Check out the whole hilarious video below:

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