The Big Bang Theory Season 10 is one of the most top rated shows on CBS – the negative right now are the rumors that the show might be canceled. These rumors are so many and so scattered it is rather hard to keep up, but I’ve tried my best to keep up for you, dear reader. Despite all the chaos, the show premiered last September and amassed around 21.5 million viewers.

The Chaos Continues

The latest reports suggest that Season 10, Episode 6 entitled “The Fetal Kick Catalyst” might be the end of The Big Bang Theory due to Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki’s demand for a salary increase. This is quite alarming since that episode airs tonight – that is also why I think this specific rumor is false and was only made to cause a stir.


It has been said that Cuoco and Galecki are one of the highest paid actors in the show, along with Jim Parsons who are getting $1 million US dollars every episode of The Big Bang Theory, while Simon Heldberg and Kunal Nayyar only receive $900,000 US dollars for each episode. In my humble opinion, they deserve just as much, as do the other women, Mayim Bailik and Melissa Rauch.



There were also rumors that the showrunners are making plans for the transition to let go of Cuoco and Galecki. Speculations are rife that the CBS network disapproves of the salary increase demand due to the show’s cost of production – up to $9 million per episode.

However, there were also reports that say the show will continue and the network is willing to give an increase if and only if it is not beyond the budget. At this point that is probably the best we can hope for.

Episode 6

Meanwhile, The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 6 should be a very exciting episode as Bernadette will be start to experience baby movements, so we have that going for us. Apart from that, Kaley Cuoco will reach a new milestone in her career as she is now acknowledged by many for her role in a movie. Penny is going bring Leonard to the Van Nuys Comic Con for the movie “Serial Ape-ist” where she was invited. Previously, Penny felt shy and humiliated about her role but in Episode 6, she I think will feel proud of herself since she garnered a number of new fans due to her role in the movie. 


I am sorry that I have to bombard readers with cancellation and firing rumors. However, even if they are just rumors at this point, it is still possible that in the many rumors there is a kernel of truth. As I keep saying, I will try to keep you all as up to date as I possibly can. It is really getting messy now. Let’s just enjoy season 10 and hope for the best!

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