Where Is Baby Judith This Season?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the first half of Season 7, it seemed like Negan spent more time with Baby Judith than Rick ever has. The poor girl is constantly losing babysitters, such as Beth, Tyreese, and Olivia.

In the premiere, it’s not really clear who is watching Baby Judith, but there are dozens of other possibilities that aren’t necessary lead roles. It would seem like Carl would be spending more time with his sister, but not at the moment.

Chandler Riggs recently spoke about Baby Judith’s lack of screen time.

Chandler Riggs On Working With Babies

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Oh my Lord, those babies. They are so difficult,” confirmed Riggs. “It’s a set of twins, and we’ve had about 7 or 8 different pairs but oh man they are so tough to work with. Season 5 babies were the easiest, but only because I spent so much time with them and basically forced them to like me.”

In addition, Riggs said the babies were constantly grabbing at the boom mics, breaking up dialogue, screaming for their mothers or simply trying to jump out of someone’s arms.

“They can be fun,” said the actor, “but they’re hard to work with…”

Television Infants Are Always A Hassel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This kind of issue happens to any television series that involves babies. The Olsen Twins both played the role of Michelle on Full House and Cole and Dylan Sprouse played a role in Big Daddy before getting their own show, The Suite Life.

Using small children can be a pain for the actors and children are only allowed on set for a limited time due to child labor laws, so too many mess-ups in one day could mean an entire day of filming is wasted.

If a time lapse ever occurs on the show, this would be one of the common ways to move on to a slightly older actor to replace a television baby. Until then, Judith will likely to only make an appearance on set when absolutely necessary.

Do you think there will be a time lapse on The Walking Dead?

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