CBS Show Runner Steve Molaro Hints At Penny And Leonard’s Marital Problems

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We’ve all been noticing Penny and Leonard have had a lot of marital problems. Now, however, our assumption have been confirmed. Steve Molaro just told The Big Bang Theory fans what to expect from Season 11 when it comes to everyone’s favorite married couple.

It’s been pretty obvious that Penny and Leonard are not blissfully married on The Big Bang Theory. First there was the episode where they needed Sheldon to write them a relationship agreement. Then, there was the episode where Raj made Leonard feel excluded. THEN there was the episode where Penny didn’t actually want to go to comic-con but she pretended she did and then they fought about it… It seems like every episode lately has had a plot line about Penny and Leonard needing to work something out. So why is that?

Steve Molaro, CBS showrunner told Glamour, “They are different people, and they were always different people. Sometimes they click really well, and sometimes…like in most marriages, that honeymoon phase ends and the reality of it all sinks in.”

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Okay, this makes sense. Obviously, the writers and producers want to use Penny and Leonard’s relationship as a bouncing off point for plot lines and lessons.

But why SO many fights? He explained further, “I think they need to keep working at it, like most people in marriages do. And where it goes from there, we shall see.”

Does This Mean Divorce?

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Fans are worried: Will Penny and Leonard get divorced? It seems like we shouldn’t be worried…maybe. When Glamour asked Steve if fans should take Sheldon and Raj’s teasing about divorce seriously, he said, “I certainly would not call that foreshadowing on our part. I think they felt Penny was out of Leonard’s league since episode one of Big Bang Theory, so I wouldn’t read much more into that, as far as those jokes go.” PHEW That’s a relief. 

However, we really would like to see Penny and Leonard work things out a little better in The Big Bang Theory season 11. The constant fighting really is getting old.

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