[SPOILER?] CBS Releases Photos That Point To 1 Thing For Big Bang

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-12

Many Big Bang fans were concerned that Amy and Sheldon might not be on the best terms once Big Bang Theory returned in September. Now we have new indication that the pair might be together after all.

Amy and Sheldon Back On Set

The cast of Big Bang Theory headed back to the CBS studios to begin shooting TBBT Season 11. When Season 10 left Big Bang fans shocked seeing Sheldon get down on one knee and propose to Amy.

Of course, this action was spurred on by a scandalous kiss with Ramona. The grad student finagled her way into Sheldon’s world, and when he confronted her about her feelings, she swooped in for a kiss. We as viewers only know is that the kiss caused Sheldon to fly immediately to Amy and pop the question.

Our big question is whether or not this was spurred on by guilt or love. Did Sheldon know Amy would find out and wanted to immediately make up for it? Or did he realize in that moment he never wanted to kiss another woman again? These are questions Season 11 MUST answer.

One thing is for sure though, Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons were together on set. This leads us to believe Amy and Sheldon will be speaking in the premiere episode on September 25th. Whether or not they are engaged is still up for debate, but the two actors seemed to be happy to be together.

Back To School

Mayim Bialik wasn’t the only actress excited to be back on set. Kaley Cuoco also celebrated her homecoming with an Instagram photo. She wrote, “We’re baaaaaacccckkkkk!” and then hashtagged “Over a decade,” referring to how long she’s come to this set. She even joked that the stairs in the apartment are getting “harder and harder to climb.”

We can’t wait for The Big Bang Theory premiere on September 25th. Do you think Amy and Sheldon will be engaged?

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