Rick Grimes Says Yes To Michonne

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the fun-loving episode from Season 7, “Say Yes,” Rick did something he’s never done before. After a fake death scene, Rick picked up a sword for the first time and tossed it back to Michonne.

This was an iconic moment on The Walking Dead for two reasons. First, it’s the first time that Rick has ever held a sword in the series. Second, it’s the first time we got to see that Michonne might not be able to survive without Rick Grimes.

This is true love between the characters, but it may soon be a weakness.

Rick Grimes Fake-out Death…

Rick is a killer with a gun or a hatchet (just about anything, really), but he seems a little out of place with Michonne’s sword. When he picks it up, he doesn’t even slice up one walker.

Instead, he just hits one with the butt end of the sword and then tosses it back to Michonne. We would have liked to see a little more Rick slicing, but perhaps he just wanted to snap Michonne out of her funk.

After all, if Rick had died, Michonne might have let the walkers take her as well.

Michonne Could Lead Alexandria 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

All in all, this action sequence showed us several things, but the most important was a conversation between Rick and Michonne. Rick Grimes has made it clear that he wants to soon be a follower and less of a leader.

In a new clip, we see Rick Grimes tell the same kind of thing to Maggie. He wants to live in a more peaceful world or at least lives a more peaceful life. This reverts to Rick’s ultimate goal, which is to be a farmer.

Rick Grimes wants to live in a world that is more calm and playful like the duo is at the fair. The only real time he screwed up here was when he went to shoot the deer. In the end, he needs to be playful, but also safe to be happy.

For this to happen, he’s going to need to take down Negan.

Did you know this was the first time Rick held a sword?

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