Can You Guess Who This Adorable Child Star Is?


Mayim Bialik

Is a nueroscientist, and a Big Bang Theory actress. Talk about a wide range of skills. She also produces the website Before there was TBBT, there was Blossom. Before Blossom, there was cuteness. Check out these adorable Mayim Bialik childhood photos.

Precious Pianist

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Here Mayim plays the piano as a young girl. She began playing at only four years old, and also learned how to play the trumpet and bass guitar. There seems to be nothing this lady can’t do.


Child wonders: A young Mayim and Marcie played the 11-year-old versions of Bette Midler and Barbara Hersey's characters in the 1988 melodrama
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Here a young Mayim Bialik poses with Marcie Leeds on the set of Beaches. This movie depicted the young life of Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. Mayim, on the left, began working at an early age, and only took a hiatus to attend college.

As Blossom

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There have been quite a few nods to Mayim’s former character, Blossom, over the years on TBBT. If you look closely you can see Sheldon listed her as a possible Halloween costume idea for Amy in a holiday episode.

With John Stamos

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Here Mayim is with John Stamos sometime in the 80s. Stamos is also still acting, in the remake of Full House, Fuller House. We love Mayim’s youthful look, including classic baby blue Chuck Taylor’s.

Meeting Johnny Galecki

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Mayim had actually met Johnny Galecki long before TBBT. He guest starred on Blossom, and the pair even shared a kiss on screen.

Do you recognize Mayim Bialik in these childhood photos?

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