Ever Wanted To Attend A Big Bang Murder Mystery Dinner?


Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the world of Big Bang Theory? Well now you can. The Fringe dinner theater is offering Big Bang murder mystery dinner experiences this summer.

Passionate Fans Call For Murder Mystery

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Ever wondered what the most passionate fans love to do? Well they love to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite shows and movies. Big Bang fans are no exception. This summer they’ll be given the opportunity to enter the world of Big Bang Theory at the Fringe Dinner theater. The theater is producing a Big Bang murder mystery experience unlike any other.

For a small fee you can enjoy a meal, while watching actors portray your favorite characters. We can’t lie- we have a few reasons to be skeptical.

The TBBT dinner theater premise revolves around the cast trying to figure out who killed Sheldon. This is the one thing that turns us off the from the project. If Sheldon’s dead, how will we enjoy his amazing humor? His quips and quirks make up about 50 percent of why we love The Big Bang Theory. If he’s not there, what good will it be? However, this could be remedied with a narration from Sheldon. We picture Kaley declaring a strategy about finding the killer, and Sheldon’s snarky narration calling out how dumb her plan is. We can’t lie- that would be entertaining.

Not The Real Big Bang

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Another critique? Is Sheldon Cooper really Sheldon Cooper if Jim Parsons isn’t playing him? Part of what makes this show so great is the acting. Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar have all perfected their character’s mannerisms and quirks. Watching a show that revolves around other actors playing our favorite characters is bound to be a let down. They won’t have the same experience, rhythm, or chemistry, no matter how talented they are.

Overall, we’re definitely interested in attending this murder mystery dinner, but only out of curiosity. We don’t necessarily love the idea, or think it will be wildly entertaining. However, we can’t blame the theater for trying to emulate such a fantastically hilarious show. Would you attend a Big Bang murder mystery dinner?