This Duck Wife Just Said What We Never Thought We’d Hear A Duck Wife Say


Brighton Thompson recently wrote a compelling post about the role of women in God’s eyes. The wife of Reed Robertson, Brighton, guest blogged for Sadie Robertson’s Live Original website. Here’s what she had to say about being a beautiful woman.

Brighton Thompson’s Check List

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Brighton Thompson began her post with a checklist that is familiar to a lot of girls. It included acquiring the perfect makeup and hair look. Brighton recalls trying to remember to whiten her teeth, take vitamins and exercise. In today’s day and age, it seems girls are under constant pressure always to be improving their looks.

However, Brighton wants her fans to know that these things are unnecessary in God’s eyes. She wrote, “You need to accept that no matter how many days you perfectly complete that checklist it’s never going to fulfill the desire inside to feel beautiful. You have to dive into what the Lord says about you. You need to bury the truth into your heart, so you’ll be ready to rise up on those days when Satan comes at you to steal, kill, and destroy. To receive the truth and bury it in your heart, you need to know how the Lord feels about women.”

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Brighton then went on to explain that she believes women hold a special place in God’s heart. She recalled the story of Adam and Eve. Brighton believes that women were created to be the perfect partner for men. She then referred to Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, being the first people God revealed Jesus’s resurrection to. 

She stated, “God intentionally allowed a woman to be the first to find Jesus, and to tell the good news to everyone else. Here is where the woman is redeemed.”

Brighton’s Message

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Brighton Thompson’s message for young women is about peace. She wants her fans to find peace of mind, and realize that outward beauty is unattainable. They are already beautiful in God’s eyes and created for a purpose. 

She wrote, “He has placed it in us since Eve. God’s story for you is intentional and perfect. No matter your struggles or insecurities, He believes that you have purpose and that you ARE beautiful. He has been planning it since the very beginning.”