NEW: Brighton Thompson Bravely Reveals Sad ‘Addiction’ She Is Trying To Battle…


The Pressure Can Be Too Much


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In a recent blog post at, Brighton admitted she had felt pressure to stay active on social media. Brighton said, “it’s been hard for me to even keep up with social media to try to document it all. I’ve thought a lot about myself that I need to do better, I need to be more involved in social media, I need to post better pictures if I do something cool I HAVE to post it on social media. And that’s when I realized that I didn’t.”

The Robertson family is very active on social media. Perhaps Brighton was struggling to keep up with her new in-laws and growing fame.

Brighton wrote about choosing activities based on social media posts. She admitted, “When you begin to think way too much about it, it stops being fun and you lose the point. So I started to think…what is my purpose for going to the zoo, baking a cake, playing a game with my husband?

Is it because I think it’ll be cool to do so that I can take lots of pictures and post on Instagram?

And sadly if I’m honest sometimes the answer is yes.”

Social Media Teens

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Online activity is an addiction especially prevalent with millennials- the generation Brighton and Reed are a part of. Most recently the Duck wife has posted to Instagram announcing she received her wedding portraits.

With 84.8 thousand followers, it makes sense Brighton feels pressure to share her life.

Brighton finished with some advice for fans; “Live in the moment and don’t be thinking about social media or even trying to get the best picture possible. That is not what life is about. Pictures are a wonderful thing and so amazing to have so that you can look back on to remember that moment but don’t make your experience all about your picture.”

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