Big Bang Theory Set Tour With Simon And Kunal


It’s one of the most famous sets on television right now.
On the hit CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” a group of scientists and their friends and neighbors go through the ups and downs of nerd life, while surrounded by memorabilia that would make any collector drool.
“Being on those sets, seeing the detail and production design — they’re all authentic,” actor Simon Helberg (Howard) told CNN while visiting the set as the cast and crew prepared to film this Thursday night’s episode.
“Everything is 100% accurate.”
Jim Parsons, who plays uber-nerd Sheldon Cooper, is not quite as informed on all manners science and comic books, but can appreciate the details.
“I know that clouds make rain and that Superman dated Lois Lane and after that, I kinda dry up for what else to say,” he admitted.
“But you don’t have to understand all of it to feel the excitement of so much creativity and passion and work and the objects on our set all vibrate with that kind of energy. It really informs the whole pace of the room.”
 Source: CNN