Big Bang Theory Season 5 100 th Episode Behind The Scenes


The concept for 100 th episode of The Big Bang Theory — in which Leonard ( Johnny Galecki ) and Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ) reunite

Lorre’s initial intent, Prady tells The Hollywood Reporter , was to bringing the show full circle back to the pilot and tell a dual what-if dream story exploring what their lives could have been like if Leonard had asked Penny out upon fulfilling her when she first moved in across the hall.

The result was “The Recombination Hypothesis ,”,NNP,[] ” a unique installment in which it’s uncovered late in the episode that the on-again/ off-again couple’s reunion took place in Leonard’s mind — until, that is, he turns it into a reality and asks Penny out on an actual date, thus reuniting the couple.

It’s a moment that the EPs say was scripted carefully so as not to teasing fans , noting the original scheme was to cut to a commercial immediately after it was revealed the reunion was solely in Leonard’s imagination before coming back to watch the lovable nerd genuinely asking her out. “Our feeling was no, he’s got to go instantly ,”,NNP,[] ” Prady tells. “In the same moment that the audience is going, ‘Oh my God, that didn’t happen ,”,NNP,[] ” we have to say, ‘Yes, but this is.’ “