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After a long, agonizing wait fans of TBBT finally got the long awaited episode 11. Season 10 has thus far given us quite a few delays, along with big promises. Episode 11 is no exception. This was about the birth of Bernadette/Howard’s baby, a pivotal moment for the show.

The Rundown

This episode had a few things going on. The first was Sheldon and Amy celebrating their time together with some uh, “birthday coitus.” This is something Amy’s been looking forward to, as you can imagine.

The episode starts at the stroke of midnight with Sheldon celebrating Amy’s big day with some sweetness. But before things get a little sweeter, big news, Bernadette is going into labor.

Mistakenly, anyway. Stuart, Raj, Howard, and Bernadette go to the hospital, only to be told the contractions aren’t close enough. So cancel one. Then Amy and Sheldon try to “celebrate” again, but the contractions return! So cancel 2.

So what remains? Well…

Moments of Drama


Before the gang return to the hospital, we had some pretty thick moments of drama. These are big spoilers, so be warned.

Howard and Bernadette don’t know their child’s gender, wanting it to be a surprise. Raj, unfortunately, spoils it. The moment he did it, I was certain there would be some furious yelling.

Instead, though, Raj is kicked out. Fast forward, everyone (Sheldon and Amy, Leonard and Penny, Stuart and Raj) are all back at the hospital. It’s a moment of serious reflection for the characters. They all start talking about the things they’ve done, how far they’ve come, and so on.

Raj feels a little left out, so gets upset. Despite birth occurring in the episode, we see…

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Episode Ending

Despite birth occurring in the episode, we see none of it. Which is fine, such scenes are laborious (hah!) and threaten to take over the whole episode.

In fact, it’s Howard who comes out to announce the baby’s birth and her name, Haley. And in a touching moment, he entitles Raj as the godfather, since Raj helped the couple every step of the way.

Review Thoughts

While episode 11 gave us a lot of the familiar brand humor, it was less big laughs and more emotional moments. Well, as emotional as The Big Bang Theory gets.

Raj was the crucible for a lot of conflicts. Accidentally spoiling the baby gender was a little shocking. Also, while the characters reflected on what they accomplished, he again felt left out. But it came full circle with him being a godfather (and perhaps that’s how we’ll see the show handle the baby dynamic).

Amy and Sheldon going back and forth was cute. Also, seeing the whole cast together was nice, a really good message of togetherness. Considering how far the series has come, it’s a great message.

That’s a wrap, folks! Episode 11 has finally set the stage for some brand new changes. Are you ready for them?

How do you feel about the episode? What’s your episode 11 review? Let us know!

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