The Big Bang Theory Compilation – “Doctor Who “


The boys from The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be true geeks if they didn’t love a bit of Doctor Who, and true to form, our cult sci-fi does pop up in the beloved US sitcom on more than one occasion. But how many of these nods did you notice?

1. Sheldon’s secret early morning Who viewings

We know that Doctor Who has an underground following in America, but as Sheldon proves, this requires an intense 6am ritual when trying to catch the show on BBC America. In The Dumpling Paradox, Sheldon is caught in the act with his early morning weekend routine, where he likes to enjoy the show, alone, with a special bowl of cereal. We can totally relate.

2. Amy sums up Doctor Who in ten seconds

” For someone who has a machine that can travel anywhere in time and space, Doctor Who sure has a thing for modern day London .” she says, resulting Sheldon to almost deliver the ultimate penalty: uninviting her from that year’s Who Con.

3. This Dalek poster.

Even when the sitcom isn’t mentioning the show out loud, you never know what’s behind you. This subtle poster indicates BBT’s approval of the new multicoloured’ crayon Daleks’ from series 5.

4. Sheldon and Raj debate get a TARDIS-themed photobooth for a party

” If you don’t get the TARDIS, you stink and your party stinks .”

5. Howard’s romantic song

To win back Bernadette, Howard woos his scientist girlfriend in the only way he knows how- with this pop culture-stuffed piano ballad. Like anyone could defy the lines” If I didn’t have you, life would be blue, I’d be Doctor Who without the TARDIS .”

” One day this might double in value and be worth HALF of what I paid for it .”- Howard’s defence argument for Bernadette letting him move his life-sized TARDIS into their new home. We’ve all been there.

7. Penny’s Who-tred

There’s been more than one or two hints that BBT’s main four like to take the ladies wining and dining to Doctor Who conventions every now and then. Shockingly, Penny absolutely dislikes the entire conception of it. Thank god opposites attract, right?

8. Sheldon tackles grief

When Sheldon is asked if has ever lost anyone before, the boy wonder only has one answer. The previous regenerations of the Doctor, obviously.