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The Big Bang Theory

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The Escape Hatch Identification was this week’s new Big Bang Theory, and it delivered some great one-liners. We love rounding up all the best quotes from each episode. Here are some of the greatest lines from this week.

Bernadette Calls Out Howard

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Bernadette is always knocking Howard down a few pegs. She likes to keep her man in check, and we love it.

Raj: Can I get anyone anything at all?

Penny: Raj you don’t have to serve us. 

Raj: It’s the least I could do after you helped me carry my stuff up.

Howard: It was no trouble at all.

Bernadette: Not for you, “box of towels”.

New Found Dynamics

With Raj moving into Penny and Leonard’s room, there’s a new dynamic onset. Howard couldn’t help but point out that both married couples now have a live-in third wheel.

Howard: Hey look at that. You’ve got a Raj, we’ve got a Stuart. And maybe we could take them both to the park let them run around together. 

Leonard: I don’t know, yours looks like he has worms.

Howard Points Out The Truth

Sheldon was trying to be thoughtful and give Raj a journal as a housewarming gift. Howard put a bit of a damper on the gesture…

Sheldon: I had some of my best ideas in that room. I’m sure you will too.

Howard: He also never had sex in that room, that’s something to look forward to.

Sheldon Seeks Advice

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Sheldon decided to facetime Beverly Hofstadter about this feelings. Anytime Beverly gets involved hilariousness ensues.

Sheldon: Do you have time? Leonard says you’re very busy these days.

Beverly: Oh I just say that because he prattles.

Beverly: Well what do you think the loss of your room represents?

Sheldon: Beverly you know I hold you in high esteem. Can we skip the part where you pretend not to know the answer, and get to the part where you tell me the answer?

Beverly: Very well, but if you don’t mind, I’d still like to pause for effect.

What were your favorite lines from The Escape Hatch Identification? For more quotes find Part Two HERE.

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