Fans Are Angry At Beverly For This…


Beverly Hofstadter Ruins Everything

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Yes, Beverly Hofstadter is hilarious. However, if TBBT fans are being honest, they’ll admit that she tends to ruin everything. In this week’s episode, in particular, she tried to ruin on of our favorite things– the SHAmy relationship. Not. Cool.

Sheldon’s Problem

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This week when Raj moved into Penny and Leonard’s apartment Sheldon really couldn’t handle the idea of someone else living in his old room. The TBBT gang was trying to fix Raj’s problem of relying on his father too much,  but instead created a new problem of Sheldon’s anxiety.

We would have told Sheldon he hates change and that eventually, he’ll get used to it. However, Beverly Hofstadter had a more complex and provoking idea. Sheldon decided to Facetime his evil buddy, and ask her opinion on the matter. Of course no good came of this.

Beverly’s Advice

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Sheldon hilariously told Beverly to cut to the chase, instead of having him come to self-realization. The psychologist said she believes Sheldon has commitment issues and sees his old room as an escape from his life with Amy.

Amy did not like that idea, and quickly butt in to protest. She insisted that she and Sheldon have never been better and that their relationship grows stronger every day they live together. 

She’s Dead Wrong

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Sheldon tends to take Beverly’s word as fact, and that’s why this is so problematic. Beverly sees the world with a glass half empty. She doesn’t want to believe her son is in a great relationship, and she doesn’t want to admit that even the likes of Sheldon can have a long withstanding relationship.

In our opinion, she’s simply the type that wants to see others suffer just because she is. It’s very clear she has a tumultuous relationship with Leonard’s father, but that doesn’t mean Sheldon needs to reevaluate his relationship with Amy.

Stay away Beverly Hofstadter! We like SHAmy just the way they are.

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