Is THIS The Best Kept Duck Dynasty Secret?


The Duck Dynasty family has revealed many secrets over the years. The Robertsons are a pretty open book when it comes to the skeletons in their closet. However, this particular secret might be the biggest.

Duck Dynasty Secret Keepers

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It’s the Duck Dynasty secret very few fans saw coming. Alan Robertson was born out of wedlock. Yes, you read that correctly. The famous family known for their conservative values and Christian beliefs weren’t initially open about the beginnings of Miss Kay and Phil Robertson’s relationship.

The Robertsons have always had conservative values. On the show in particular they have spoken about the sanctity of marriage. Sadie Robertson has famously talked about her own virginity, and waiting to have sex til marriage. Most recently Missy Robertson spoke about abortion, and other conservative political views. Phil Robertson has even stirred up controversy when talking about gay sex.

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These instances are why this information is so shocking. Apparently, Miss Kay and Phil were not legally married when they first consummated their relationship and coincidentally had their first son. Alan Robertson was born out of wedlock, Miss Kay has now admitted.

Missy Kay explained, “When I made a vow to God and to [Phil], it was March 22, 1964… It wasn’t legal… That’s the truth. We didn’t do the legal papers until April 11, 1966, after Alan, my oldest, was born.” 

Miss Kay seems to think that the couple was, however, spiritually married at the time. Despite the fact that there were no legal papers drawn, the Duck Dynasty matriarch concluded, “But I want to tell you something. My heart and my vow to God was true from the first day.”

Alan Robertson’s Own Marriage Problems

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Alan Robertson finds the whole situation to be comical. The former minister of 25 years has even joked, “Yeah, I would be the B[astard] in the family.” 

Many fans find the Duck Dynasty secret to be shocking. Others believe it’s just another reason this family is so relatable. What do you think?