Bazinga! Top 10 Sheldon Moments Part 1

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Sheldon Cooper is arguably the most popular character on the Big Bang Theory. 

So naturally, he deserves his own top ten list. Before I begin, this is MY own personal top ten list. That means that the list will be made up of all sorts of moments. Funny Sheldon, cute Sheldon with Amy, sad Sheldon, when he says bazinga, basically anything I want. You may not agree with me or think I left something out. If so, tell me in the comments. Just be nice!

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10. Back to the Pilot

Yes, I am taking it all the way back to the first episode for #10. After all, this is where it all began. Leonard is so infatuated with Penny that he agrees to try and get her TV back from her ex-boyfriend. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well. Kurt de-pants Leonard and Sheldon. Feeling bad, Penny offers to buy the guys dinner. Sheldon realizes Leonard will continue pursuing Penny when Leonard says “Our babies will be smart and beautiful” to which Sheldon adds, “Not to mention, imaginary.”

My reason: It’s a great one liner.

9. Flatulent Sheldon

Sheldon attempts to work out when he is going to die and estimates that he has 60 years to live, at most. He concludes that he will miss “the singularity”, a point in time in which technology will be advanced enough for him to transfer his brain into a machine and live forever. Based on this, he alters his diet, replacing pizza with vegetables on Thursdays, beginning with brussel sprouts. He also makes the decision to start exercising and after Raj points out that Penny jogs, the two decide to go jogging together.

At nighttime, Sheldon knocks on Leonard’s bedroom in distress, claiming to have cholera. When Leonard dismisses this, he suggests some equally unlikely alternatives, while Leonard thinks he may have appendicitis. Before they can go to the hospital, Sheldon farts loudly. Sheldon suggests that this was a result of the brussel sprouts he had and the two return to bed.

Sheldon meets up with Penny to go jogging and she attempts to get him to warm up. After he fails to touch his toes, she says they can warm up on the run. Sheldon jogs down the stairs and falls; when Penny tries to help him up, he farts again.

My Reason: Self-explanatory

8. “What Does It Look Like”

At the end of the episode “The Roommate Transmogrification,” Sheldon discovers Leonard sleeping on the couch at their apartment, because he is mad at Priya.  Howard also shows up and announces that he had a fight with Bernadette.

Penny wakes up in Leonard’s room and is horrified when she wakes up naked with Raj and realizes she spent the night with him. She tells him that “last night never happened.” Raj nods his head.  Penny gets so mad that he still cannot talk to her even though they slept together. Penny tries to sneak out of the apartment; however, Raj (wrapped in a comforter) and Penny emerge from Leonard’s room, right in front of everyone. Penny just states that “it’s not what it looks like,” which leaves Leonard and Howard confused. Sheldon asks, in all sincerity, “What does it look like?”

My Reason: Naïve Sheldon is always funny.

7. Chair Lice

Sheldon and Penny are in her apartment reading. Sheldon is sitting in Penny’s new chair and compliments it, but then finds out that Penny found it thrown out on the street. Sheldon is paranoid that he got “chair lice”, as he has mysophobia, and daydreams himself sitting on the chair and getting covered in bugs. He rushes to Penny’s apartment and makes a series of attempts to get her to remove the chair.

My Reason: Paranoid Sheldon at his best.

6. Bazinga

Sheldon is the victim of a Halloween prank. So, he goes to Howard’s house with a joy buzzer and asks to shake his hand. Howard shakes hands and then falls to the floor. Bernadette tells Sheldon that Howard had a heart condition and forces Sheldon to inject adrenaline into his heart. Howard opens his eyes and reveals that he was just pretending to faint.

So, Sheldon moves onto pranking Leonard. He jumps up from under the couch cushions, as Leonard is sitting on it, dressed as a zombie. Sheldon then declares, “Bazinga, punk! Now we’re even.”

My Reason: Both of these scenarios are hilarious!

Check out the Part 2 (coming soon) for the next 5 on the list!  Bazinga!

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