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Season premieres and finales on The Walking Dead usually feature at least one tragic death, and the recent midseason finale was no exception. Spencer and Olivia weren’t exactly part of the main cast, but they were important in their own way. Negan’s killing of Spencer made sense, though Arat’s shooting of Olivia almost seemed random. 

So why did she pick Olivia anyway?

If you recall, Olivia was killed, more or less, thanks to the actions of Rosita. After Negan gutted Spencer in front of everyone, Rosita pulled out the secret gun and one bullet. She got her shot at him. Fortunately for Negan, his baseball bat Lucille blocked the bullet. When he realized the bullet was homemade, though, Negan demanded to know who manufactured it.

Negan’s henchwoman, Arat, held Rosita down at knifepoint while he tried to get her to tell him who made the bullet. When she continued to insist she’d done it herself, Negan told Arat to “kill somebody.” Even though she was surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, Arat chose to turn and shoot Olivia, who was at least two dozen feet away on Rick’s front porch.

Actress Elizabeth Ludlow, who plays Arat, says there’s actually a good reason she chose Olivia…


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