Fans Didn’t Know This Went On BEHIND The Scenes Of The Christmas Album


The Robertson family was excited to record their Duck Dynasty Christmas album Duck The Halls back in 2013. Well, the entire family that is except for Phil Robertson. Fans might be shocked to hear Phil didn’t love the idea of singing, but he came around to it eventually.

The Duck Dynasty Christmas Album

The Duck Dynasty Christmas album was recorded in 203. Willie Robertson was approached with the idea and immediately loved it. He had been wanting to work with Nashville’s songwriter Dallas Davis.

Davis and Willie wrote “Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas” together, and Willie sang the song all on his own. Korie Robertson told cameras her husband was pretty nervous to sing an entire song solo, but the project excited him. “He doesn’t get nervous about much,” Korie explained, “but he was nervous about this.”

While most of the Robertson family was excited, it was Phil Robertson who needed the most convincing. Jep Robertson explained, “My dad is kind of a Debbie downer when it comes to big things. Like, he’s kind of down on the Christmas album, ‘I don’t know if we can pull this off guys.'”

Phil even had doubts about the album’s success. He said, “If this thing sells even 1,000 records, I will be shocked.” However, it seems Phil has been wrong about these sorts of things before. Jase Robertson revealed that his dad didn’t even think Duck Dynasty was a good idea. We all know how that one turned out.

Miss Kay’s Christmas Cookies

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Of course, if there’s one thing Phil could be persuaded to sing about, it’s Miss Kay’s cooking. He sings the song, Christmas Cookies with George Strait on the album.

Miss Kay said, “Well Phil’s always loved to listen to music, loves classic rock and roll he really does. But to be in a studio singing…whole different ball game.” Phil added, “I never thought I would be a singer. Somebody with a voice like mine, it kept me in check. Somebody was thinking.”

However, despite Phil’s hesitancy the Duck Dynasty Christmas album turned out to be a huge success. With country greats like Luke Bryan and George Strait, plus features of Sadie Robertson and Allison Kraus, it was sure to be a hit. Is the album a part of your family’s holiday tradition?