Be careful when you hunt — we are reminded of this after a man was shot during a gobbler hunt earlier this month.

The scene of the alleged hunting accident in Pennsylvania (photo via Twitter) A Pittsburgh-area man and his friend were hunting turkeys. The “friend” ended up shooting the man in the stomach.

After the accident, the man’s car was being towed away, the police were seen putting a turkey decoy in their police cruiser, and carrying tree stands out of the woods, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Authorities say the shooting was an accident, although not all of the details of the case have been revealed. No charges have been filed as of yet.


This sounds like a similar situation to the hunting accident we recently reported on. In that case, two men were pretending to be turkeys in order to get close to what they thought was a turkey. 

It turned out that one of the hunters thought the other hunter was a turkey, so he took a shot.

“Right after he shot, he thought he saw a turkey flopping on the ground, but when he hurried up there, he saw two guys rolling on the ground. He’d shot (both) in the face,” said Jim Bussone, a Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism game warden who investigated the April 12 incident in Crawford County.

“The shooter swore he’d seen strutting toms and some other turkeys right up until then.”

A turkey hunter using a tail fan (photo via

So, again, be careful if you’re going out in the coming hunting seasons.

“When I teach hunter ed classes, I tell them even some good people can become undone by a big deer or a turkey and make mistakes,” Bussone said. “You always have to be thinking, be careful and stay under control.”

Hunters, be careful — for others’ sake as well as your own.

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