No One Safe On The Walking Dead

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Glenn Rhee had been with Rick Grimes since the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, but that didn’t stop Robert Kirkman and company from taking him out. As the tagline goes, “No one is safe.”

In addition to Rick mourning the loss of Glenn, so did Andrew Lincoln mourn the loss of working with actor Steven Yuen. The two spent nearly seven years working together in the hot Georgia heat, occasionally covered in fake walker blood.

“Steven is a dear friend of mine,” said Andrew Lincoln.

Andrew Lincoln Talks Farewell

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The most painful part of this job has always been saying farewell to not just screen partners, but also incredible friends that have shared in this experience. Glenn saved Rick in the first episode and has been there throughout the whole seven season.”

Lincoln added, “You do feel a loss, the crew feels it, and the cast feels it. Not only is Steven a wonderful actor who’s created a beautiful character in Glenn, but he brought a presence on the set as a leader and a fun, supportive member of the family.”

“So, it was a huge hole and we really felt it, but it was also a double hit with Michael Cudlitz. Michael led from the front, had a positive influence on set, and brought a sense of fun and commitment to the show. Losing both those guys in the first episode was very difficult. Fortunately, as always, we fill the hole with other great performers.”

The Show Must Go On

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Instagram

Despite having lost Glenn and Abraham, the show must literally go on. After the bloody premiere, Rick Grimes has also said goodbye to other characters such as Aaron, Olivia, and Sasha, while working less with Carol as well.

When Season 8 returns in October, Rick Grimes will be going back to being Rick Grimes and the writing staff has also promised less individual episodes and more ensemble episodes due to fan request.

What excites you most about Season 8 this October?

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