Secretly… Married? 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC In “Say Yes,” Rick and Michonne are out scavenging for food and guns, but Rick seems more playful than usual. In that episode, it’s almost as if the two are taking a break from their responsibilities and possibly from the apocalypse altogether.

In that episode, it’s almost as if the two are taking a break from their responsibilities and possibly from the apocalypse altogether.

The writers playfully decided to let this vacation take place on an abandoned high school fairground. There are walkers roaming about, but Rick and Michonne are very confident in their actions, so they’re mainly just enjoying themselves.

“Say Yes” is a much different side of Rick Grimes than we’ve seen before.

Andrew Lincoln Talks Honeymoon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The honeymoon episode – I loved it,” said Andrew Lincoln in a clip on Talking Dead. “It was the first time that those guys had been together. In the same way that we did the road trip episode last year, with Rick and Daryl, I think we wanted to turn over a completely new page in Rick and Michonne’s relationship.”

“We wanted to really explore their sweetness with each other, their humor together, and what they draw out of each other. I wanted it to be this incredible sexy, funny, tender road trip that Rick never wants to end. It’s like a dream for him,” said Lincoln.

It was dreamlike in a way that Rick and Michonne almost died in the episode.

Are They Too Happy To Be Clear-Headed?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After falling through the roof, the couple laughed it off. But later in the episode, Rick considers firing a shot and ends up falling about ten feet to the ground. Michonne thinks he has died, so she drops her katana.

Moments later, and rather luckily, Rick resurfaces and tosses Michonne the katana. However, their actions during this honeymoon may be too lovey-dovey for their future survival. It’s clear that Rick needs Michonne to help lead the new tribe, but he still needs to get his head on straight or else they’ll live in danger.

Does Lincoln’s honeymoon comment imply they are now married?

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