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ClothesAmy’s cute blue-striped sweater plus her smile makes a great outfit! by

Fashion is an important aspect of The Big Bang Theory. The clothes define the person as much as their personality. It is time to talk about Amy’s fashion statement.

Amy’s clothes tend to be baggy, layered, and very comfortable looking. Often times she wears sweaters over button-up shirts. Typically we find these accompanied by a long, straight skirt and tights. Her clothes are not usually awe-inspiring. Nor do we want to copy her, but they have a certain charm that grows on you.

ClothesAmy’s clothes are dull in comparison to Penny’s by

Modesty is Still Relevant

Amy’s clothes cover up most of her body in a day and age where lots of skin is considered the norm. It takes a lot more courage to stand up to and break social norms than go along with them and I believe that Amy is a great woman by maintaining her modesty.

ClothesAmy’s ‘going out’ outfit has a blazer replacing the traditional sweater by

Comfort Comes Before Looks

Like Sheldon, Amy appears to believe that comfort and practicality are more important in clothing that visual appeal. Certainly, her clothing is unrestrictive. It’s layered so she can remove a sweater if she’s warm, but also maintain warmth if it is cold. Plus form-fitting clothes are just not that comfy.

ClothesAmy sports a jean skirt and a sweater vest as she plays tic-tac-toe with Sheldon by

Her Own Woman

Amy’s style is more of a preference. But it is not that she does not care about how she looks, it is that she does not care what other people think about how she looks. She is secure enough about herself to not feel the need to try and impress others with looks or dress.

Apparently, her strategy works, because she has two best friends who are beautiful and stylish!

ClothesBernadette, Penny, and Amy dressed sexy to go out by

Why Amy’s Style is Important

Amy is a very important character because she has helped break social rules in more than one way. Clothes are just another way that this kick-butt character teaches us to not worry about things that do not matter.

Amy keeps it classy as she and Sheldon record “Fun with Flags” by

What do you think, which outfit fits Amy the best?

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